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Halloween Decor

Want to decorate your cubicle for Halloween this year, but don't know where to start? We've got you covered.

We're giving away free Halloween decor to the first 65 people who complete our Work Hours Survey! We'll be giving away an assortment of some of the items below, but availability is limited, so get to surveyin'!

If you miss the chance for some free Halloween goodies, fret not: everyone who fills out our Work Hours Survey will receive a special discount code for 20% off their next order!


Halloween Decorations

Spider Webbing with Spiders

1. Spider Webbing + Spiders

A definite must-have for every Halloween cubicle! Your decorations aren't official until you've got spider webs crawling with spiders everywhere.

This soft and silky webbing stretches out to a fine thread that will grip and grab on rough surfaces, tuck into cracks and small spaces, and easily wrap around chairs, cabinets, and even co-workers.

You control how thin or thick you want your webbing to be. Just pull it out more and more if you want it thin and wispy, or keep it together for a denser web. The packet also includes four black plastic spiders, as we couldn't bear to separate them from their homes.

Webbing Dimensions: As infinite as your creativity, but generally it'll stretch for several feet as you pull it thinner.
Material: Spider silk! ...actually it's a stretchy synthetic material.

Creepy Hanging Black Net Cloth

2. Creepy Hanging Black Net Cloth

Another must-have for starting out your cubicle decorations. This creepy black cloth drapes softly over desktops, monitors, chairs, whatever you want to stretch it across. The netting also makes it easy to tack it from cubicle wall-to-wall, or to even make a creepy canopy over your head.

Each creepy cloth measures 30" x 72" to give you plenty to work with. Get creative - cut it into smaller shawls, wrap it around your cabinets, or just wear it. Black netting is totally stylish this time of year.

Creepy Cloth Dimensions: 30" x 72"
Material: Cotton Cloth

Big Fuzzy Spiders

3. Big Fuzzy Spiders

Nothing is more creepy-scary than a big, fuzzy spider. Ugh. I didn't even like typing that. We'll send you either one large fuzzy spider, or a duo of two smaller fuzzy spiders.

Small spider dimensions: 3.75" x 5.5"
Large spider dimensions: 4.5" x 7"
Material: Plastic with a furry, fuzzy coating. Gross.

Big Ol' Desk Skull

4. Big Ol' Desk Skull

This 6" plastic skull makes a great desktop buddy. Need a paperweight? He's on it (har-har...). Need a stress reliever? Just look at that noggin'! It screams "rub me." ...Is it getting weird yet?

Skull Dimensions: 6"
Material: Plastic

Halloween Foam Cutouts

5. Halloween Foam Cutouts

Decals and more decals! Start your decorating off right by putting these Halloween foam cutouts up all over your cubicle and office. These cutouts come 12 to a pack and in 4 colors - white, purple, orange, and black. We'll send you either the pumpkin cutouts or the ghost cutouts, whichever our dartboard says.

Shape Dimensions: Ghosts: 8" tall x 7" wide | Pumpkins: 7" tall x 8" wide
Material: Foam 

Halloween Tinsel Garlands

6. Halloween Tinsel Garlands

Tinsel isn't just for Christmas anymore. It's also great for the ghouls and the undead! These soft tinsel garlands are perfect for lacing across your cubicle shelving and walls. They measure 9ft in length, and you'll get either the black & silver garland with silver skeleton heads, or the black & orange garland with orange jack-o-lanterns, depending on how our dance-off competition goes.

Garland Dimensions: 9ft long
Material: Fuzzy-soft plastic tinsel 

Frightful Caution Tapes

7. Frightful Caution Tapes

Unlike traditional law enforcement "caution" tape, these Haunted and Do Not Enter caution tapes aren't to keep people out... they're to keep other things in... buahahahaha! Ahem.

These awesome little packets come with 30 feet of tape for you to do with as you will. Create a cubicle doorway barrier, block off your snack drawer, or secure the ghouls and skeletons within your cubicle graveyard - the Fright Tape is perfect for all of it. We'll send you either a Haunted (orange) or Do Not Enter (red) pack.

Tape Dimensions: 30ft long, 3in tall
Material: Vinyl Tape 

36-piece Bag-o-Creepies

8. 36-Piece Bag-o-Creepies

Think of a bag of trail mix. But, instead of trail mix, it's spiders, roaches, winged skulls, flies, and skeletons. Mmmmm. Halloween-licious. This bag gives you a variety of small creepy things to hang in your cotton webbing and your creepy black cloth net. There's 36 creatures inside, waiting to take over your cubicle.

Creepies' Dimensions: Assorted, largest approx. 3"
Material: Plastic, Assorted Colors 

Solar Dancing Dudes

9. Solar Dancing Dudes

Shake it, sh-sh-shake it. These little solar-powered dancing Halloween dudes bob their heads side to side and shake their arms whenever they feel the warm glow of your office lighting. The ghost, however, prefers to switch it up - he swings to and fro in spooky fashion, maybe because he doesn't actually have hips to shake! We'll send you one of the trio.

Dancing Dude Dimensions: Each approx 4.25" tall
Material: Plastic, Solar Powered 

Halloween Goodies Box

10. Halloween Goodies Box

Share a little Halloween sweet tooth with one of these goodies boxes. Perfect for filling with chocolate, candy corn, gummy worms, and other Halloween candies. We'll send you either a coffin shaped one or a jack-o-latern shaped one. And don't let the photo deceive you - these boxes are about 7" wide (the coffin is about 8").

Box Dimensions: Jack-o-lantern, approx 7" W | Coffin, approx 8" L
Material: Cardboard Paper Box 

3 Foot Hanging Skeleton

11. 3-Foot Hanging Skeleton

Let me introduce you to Mr. Bones, your personal cubicle greeter. Once you get used to his dry humor, he'll surely tickle your funny bone. His jokes are to die for. Get it? Get it? Yeah, you get it.

This hanging skeleton is 3-feet tall, lightweight, and easy to hang on your cubicle wall. He's got rotating joints, so you can pose him just how you want and then secure those bony appendages with simple push-pins. We have Mr. Bones in three colors: Orange, Green, and White. We'll flip a coin and then ignore the result and pick one for you at random!

Skeleton Dimensions: Approx. 8" wide x 36" tall
Material: Plastic 

Large Paper Jack-o-Lanterns

12. Large Paper Jack-o-Lanterns

I like large decals and I cannot lie. These large paper jack-o-lanterns come 8 to a pack, divided evenly into 4 different designs (check out the designs in the image to the right). These decals are lightweight and super easy to hang, and they are eye-catching at over a foot wide each! Put them everywhere.

Decal Dimensions: Approx 14" wide x 12" tall
Material: Paper 

Large Foam Tombstone

13. Large Foam Tombstone

Real tombstones are heavy and cumbersome. But these lightweight foam tombstones are to die for.

These foam tombstones are lightweight and look great in a cubicle, a break room, or outside the front entrance to your office. Two stakes are included with each tombstone to secure them into the ground, if you decided to go outdoors with it.

Tombstone Dimensions: 10" wide x 14.5" tall
Material: Styrofoam