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About Us

So many of us around the world have this one major aspect of our lives in common - we spend hours a day in our home away from home - the cubicle.

Cubicle Life was launched in Atlanta, GA in 2014 to give the millions of us cubicle dwellers a place to find fun, quirky products and accessories to make our cubicle a little more friendly, personal, and unique.  

Also need a few laughs?  Yea, we've got a blog for that.  

The message: You are not alone.  In fact, you are a member of one of the largest communities on the planet

Whether you're looking for that crazy gift for your Secret Santa office party or tips on how to stand in the office elevator with strangers and not feel awkward, we've got you covered.  We definitely get it.

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of the rapidly growing Cubicle Life community. 

Survive the 9 to 5.

-The Cubicle Life Team

Cubicle Life