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Scratch Map - World

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Scratch Map® is first and foremost a map of the world, gorgeous in quality and a great addition to any wall.   However, more than just a simple map, Scratch Map allows you to keep track of your travels through, well, scratching!

The top of the map is coated in gold foil, like that of a lottery card, which means you can remove the foil where you’ve been and keep a tangible record of your trips and excursions.  The map is color-shaded under the foil, and as you scratch it off, color-shaded areas are revealed.  Check out the photos for examples.  This is a great way to showcase your travels to your friends and coworkers, and even help you plan your next adventure!

Scratch Map includes a beautifully decorated map storage cylinder, making it the perfect gift for the jet-setter in your life, whether that's a dear friend - or you!

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