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Social Currency Card - I.O.U.

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Tell it like it is!  This I.O.U. set of cards lets your coworkers know that you take your word as seriously as debt itself - and you always repay your debts!

These funny and clever IOU cards give you checkboxes and details to fill out for each debt you owe to your fellow coworkers and friends. Show them that you take your promises seriously, that your word is your bond!

Owe Steve $8 for that lunch one time? Still have to restock Jamie's candy jar? You won't let yourself forget. Fill out the card, show how self-accountable you are! ...and then try not to forget, again!

Also makes a great gag gift for the resident I-need-to-borrow-50-cents-and-I'm-totally-gonna-pay-you-back-just-like-the-other-12-times-I-borrowed-it-and-haven't-paid-you-back-yet-coworker.

Each set of 20 cards is packed in a handy tin box that fits into your pocket or purse.

Dimensions: Approx 0.05"(W) x 3.75"(H) x 2.5"(L)

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