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Annoying Coworker Memes

Here are some of our favorite annoying coworker memes.  We've met all of these coworkers a few times and we're sure you have too.  And uhh...just remember not to turn into one of them! Enjoy.



1. Reading is Fun!


It's always fantastic when that annoying coworker forgets to scroll down just a tad in order to avoid more work for everyone else.  Read just a little more and save us all!


2. Assistant (to the) Regional Manager


Oh yes, it's the annoying coworker on a power trip who's quite nosy and thinks he's owns you.  He also acts like a know it all. Just remember to make a face exactly like the one above every time this person talks to you.  That'll show him.  We promise.


3. Just a Little Too Loud 



This annoying coworker is always taking personal calls, always asking questions, and is usually armed with a laugh that can be heard from at least a quarter mile away.  There's always at least one noisy coworker who talks too much.  Always.


4. I'm Working All the Time & I'm Proud of It!



This annoying and arrogant coworker loves to show how much he works while throwing the concept of efficiency directly in the trashcan.  Why get your work done in 8 hours when you can do it in 24?  This was probably the kid in your class who asked the teacher for homework.  Not good.


5. Stop Asking Questions!


This annoying coworker loves to trigger another 28 minutes of conversation in a meeting that has already ran 20 minutes over.  Next time take one for the team yea?  Put that question back in your pocket and never take it out.

6.  Good Morning! Have a Second?


This annoying and irritating coworker drills you with an endless amount of work-related questions before you've even set your bag down and poured your first cup of coffee.  Need time to gather your thoughts and sanity before starting another day?  Not today.  This person needs answers immediately.


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