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Cubicle Life Tech Tips | Keyboard Shortcuts

No - keyboard shortcuts aren't just for nerds.

Here are a few Windows keyboard shortcuts we at Cubicle Life thought you would find useful in your 9-5.  Anything you'd recommend we share with the community and include in the next Tech Tips blog?

Feel free to email us, we'd love to hear from you.  

Especially from you geeks.


Before we start, just so we're clear:


Windows Key =       windows key

Windows Key + L

windows locked

What does it do? 

Pressing the "L" key while holding the Windows key locks your computer.

Why would I use it?

This is one that should be used many times a day, just before you leave your desk.  Yes, even if you leave your desk for a few minutes. Otherwise you might fall victim to an occasional prank, or even worse - someone may see that 3-pack of fiber gummies you've added to your Amazon cart.

Windows Key + D

computer staring

What does it do?  

Pressing the "D" key while holding the Windows key instantly minimizes all of your open windows (yes, all 20 you probably have open) and shows your desktop.  There is a button for this on the desktop on the bottom-right of your screen, but doing it on the keyboard is usually a lot faster and it feels a lot cooler.

Why would I use it? 

This is great when you start to feel like you simply have too many windows open. It's also a fantastic privacy feature for when the wrong person suddenly walks by.

Example 1: You've been doing a bit of boy band reminiscing on YouTube (this example only applies to some office environments.  Thanks to Twitter we now know that some of you have boy band dance parties at your desk on a regular basis).

Example 2: You're on WebMD and in the process of looking up what is causing your big toe to itch (and no, you won't have to possibly remove your toe as WebMD warned).

*Especially useful for those of you who were blessed with a desk near the walkway. 

Ctrl + P

angry printer

What does it do?  

Pressing the "P" key while holding the Ctrl key will bring up the print dialog box. 

Why would I use it? 

Rather than having to search for the print option in whatever program you are using, Ctrl + P will work in all of them.  Many programs love to change their graphical interfaces quite often and move the print button.  This takes the guesswork out of it. Once again - faster, easier.


Windows Key + E

windows explorer - windows 7

What does it do?  

Pressing the "E" key while holding the Windows key will open Windows Explorer.  

Why would I use it? 

Very useful - you probably have to access your local hard drive and network drives at least a few times a day.  


Ctrl + Shift + Escape

task manager

 What does it do?  

Pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Escape keys will bring up Task Manager.

Why would I use it? 

Have a program that's not responding and need to kill it?  Sure you do.  It's Windows. This nifty 3-key shortcut will bring up Task Manager and may even impress a few of your geek friends.


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  • Wow, wow, wow! I need a few of these because I am at secondary school and I don’t want anyone messing with my work while I’m out the room. Thanks! ?

    Olly Carr on

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