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7 Signs That Your Co-Workers Are Awesome

1 - They Bake


You brought in triple chocolate chip cookies on a Monday? Why? But OK.

2 - They Know People

You know...for that next job...just in case.

3 - They Don't Call You Out on Your 2-Hour Lunches

lunch in car

"You just popped out for a bit...right?" Right.

4 - They Know How To Give You That "Look" During An Awful Meeting

Feels good to know that you aren't the only one.

5 - They Volunteer to be the Designated Lunch Driver

lunch traffic

What a coincidence - I didn't bring my car keys anyways.  Thanks!

6 - They Have Girl Scout Cookie Connections

girl scout cookies

Coooooookies.  Put me down for 10 boxes please.

7 - They Have a Candy Stash

work candy stash

I'm just taking one...said no one ever.

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