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8 Questions You Should Never Ask Your IT Department

Sure, the IT guy or gal is not always the friendliest of the bunch.  But let's not make their job harder than it needs to be. Right?  Right... 


1 - How Do I Turn This Thing On?

Power On Computer

Take a few deep breaths and think this one out a little before making that call to IT. Everything plugged in? Check.  Oh yea, you're pressing the button to turn on the monitor...not the computer.


2 - What's My Password?

write down password

Unless this is your very first time logging in, they won't know your password (which is a good thing).  Ask for it to be reset instead...or just look for that sticky note you wrote it on.

3 - Is The Internet Down?

internet down

The problem here lies in the wording.  A better way to ask this question would be: Is OUR internet connection down?  It's in the details. 

4 - Can I Connect My Personal Laptop To The Network?

computer virus

One of the quickest ways to give IT a heart attack. It's not that they don't trust you, but.....nope... they don't trust you.


5 - What's A Browser?


You use one or more of these every day.  We promise.


6 - Can I Have My Own Printer?

angry printer

You know what they say...Mo' printers, Mo' jams, Mo' empty toner, Mo' recycle that toner.  Mo' Problems.

7 - Could You Take A  Look At My Sister's Boyfriend's Cousin's Laptop?

old slow laptop

Don't forget.  Time is money...


8 - Can I Have A Bigger Monitor?

zombie hoard

Chaos around the office would surely ensue.  Especially after the first few coworkers walk by your cubicle and notice 27" of Netflix glory smacking them in the face.  Now they want one too.  A tale as old as time.   

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