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Casual Casualty

Does it become "casual Thursday if you don't work on Friday, or do you miss out on a casual day altogether? #cubiclelife   -@thedaverauch


We think that you will probably miss out on casual Friday. Not fair, is it? 

Say you've taken off this Friday - you can be certain that your project meeting will need to be rescheduled. 

Why must only things that solely benefit the company be rescheduled? Casual days should be treated just as importantly as critical meetings.  Well maybe that's asking too about at treating them as importantly as those motivating HR meetings. 

These casual days are in place because upper management feels they should throw us a bone every now-and-then and try to make work fun. Maybe they feel it helps us to think that work isn't all that bad. 

The intriguing part about this is that we at Cubicle Life think it actually works to a certain extent. Don't believe us? Suddenly take away casual Friday and watch the office revolt.

Dave, you deserve your casual Thursday. We say take it anyway - just don't let too many of your co-workers see you strutting around in your favorite pair of Levi's. Jealousy and shock will most certainly ensue. 

Come on Dave, it's only Thursday.

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