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The Dreaded Sandwich Request

You're heading out to grab some lunch. Some of you are rather courteous and sometimes ask a co-worker or two if they would like for you to pick them up something to eat. However, today you are grabbing a sub. Bad call.

There simply isn't anything worse to order for someone else than a sub. Plain and simple, there is too much customization involved. Going to a burger joint? Not a problem, they want a #1 with a Sprite. Ordering Chinese? Piece of cake, they want the B9 with fried rice. Going to Subway? They want a 6-inch turkey on wheat, toasted, with light mayo, honey mustard, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, spinach, just a little vinegar.  Oh yea, and lightly salted. Make sure you get it right too, as you will definitely hear about it if the salt is missing.

Take our advice on this.  Sure, it's OK to be the nice guy and offer to pick up food for a co-worker - just don't be so nice on sandwich days.

cubicle sandwich

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