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Microwave Etiquette

Ahh, the mighty sweet sound of last night’s leftovers frying away in a dielectric high-frequency box.  It can either be a thing of beauty... or, it can be what nightmares are made of. 

Before you fire up that company microwave and wonder, “is chicken supposed to be making popping noises like that?”, or, “I wonder... how long before this thing explodes and covers the inside panel”, or, “wait, can you - or can’t you - cook a raw egg in the microwave?”, before you test any of those questions, you need to know some simple office microwave etiquette rules!

Foods smell; Everyone else smells it, too.

Becoming self-aware is a special thing. I remember the first time my girlfriend stepped foot into my apartment, and within moments she told me that, I quote, “your world STINKS!”  I had no idea that pizza boxes containing old cheese, when strategically placed under a couch to make a quick impromptu-leg, can make for a foul-smelling apartment. 

That, my friends, was one of those “WOW, maybe I do smell" moments.  The moment I realized that maybe the ambiance I was used to wasn’t necessarily pleasant for everyone around me.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the attitude that you need to have when attempting to fire up that clanky, 1980’s box of leftover aromatic DEATH that we all know as the office microwave.

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