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Stop Staring At My Screen

It is rude to look at your co-workers computer screen while you are walking by. Mind ya business #cubiclelife   -@KevinDAnder


Rude...sure...but annoying is more like it. True, we have all glanced at someone else's screen at some point. However, some people really don't care if they are seen looking. They can't comprehend why you would have a problem with this. What do you have to hide, right?

Cubicle Life typically doesn't allow for a great deal of freedom.  When you add co-workers passing by peeking at your screen all day it can get old very quickly.  Before you know it, John comes storming up after having seen that you are on Rotten Tomatoes and strikes up a fascinating conversation about a movie he saw last week. Oh yea, and why are you on Craiglist searching apartments?  Are you moving out? Are you having issues with your roommate?  

Everyone knows that one of the greatest benefits of having your own office is that you can turn your monitor away from those walking in.  The opposite of this setup is having a cubicle placed right along the primary walkway.  For those of you in that could always get to work on a custom-made LCD Monitor Privacy Hack.

If that's too much for you (which it probably is), there's always the Windows Logo + D shortcut.  

You can thank us later. 

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