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7 Habits of an Annoying Co-Worker

1. They can't park....ever.

Terrible Parking Job

 Looks like I can't squeeze in.  Thanks.  Now I have to walk an extra 50 feet.



2. They don't make another pot of coffee.

Make More Coffee 

Really?!  Really...



3. They murder their keyboard on a daily basis.

Keyboard Smash


 All you have to do is tap it.  That's all.



4. They eat fish for lunch.

 Fish at Work


 Aren't there like 1,000 others things you could eat instead? Please?



5. They look at your screen any chance they get.

 Nosy Coworker

"Hey!  YouTube is blocked on my computer!  How are you able to get there?!"

6. They leave half a doughnut.

Half-eaten doughnut

Why would I even want the whole thing...right? And wait, someone had to touch that to cut it.  Sigh.



7. They leave science experiments in the refrigerator.

Old Juice


How long has that been in there? 2 days? 1 week?  What's the difference...LOOK at it.

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