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Sweaty Lunch

I appreciate my coworker's drive to work-out everyday over lunch.  But dude. Sweat in the afternoon is not a delightful smell. #cubiclelife


In times like these you're probably wishing that your co-worker would have never started on that health kick. Why can't he stay in the office and eat leftover pizza from his desk like he used to? At least that smelled a lot better.

Cubicle Life is hard enough as it is. There is a nearly constant barrage of smells that fly about in the office each day. Add sweat and body odor into the mix and you suddenly have a near lethal cocktail.

Look, I think we would all love to possess the willpower to work out every day during lunch. Even if most of us did, we all know that there's much more to the equation than just working out. Showers need to be taken. Clothes need to be changed. This is just too much for most of us and gives us yet another great excuse not to work out.

Sure, you could always have the workout of your life and go straight back to your cubicle - just don't be surprised when you are asked to move your cubicle to Storage-B.

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