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Unisex Gift Ideas

Looking for a broad range of unique unisex gifts that can make anyone and everyone smile? These office and cubicle accessories are perfect for a gift exchange (like Secret Santa) or birthday.  So take a look and find everything from that office warming gift for your new neighbor to that farewell gift for your boss.  You can even use some of these to add a bit of decoration to your own work space.



Unzipped Glass Bag

Unzipped Glass Bag


The Unzipped Glass Bag is sure to be a hit on any desk, as you'll probably quickly become one of the most popular people in the office.  Fill it up with your favorite candy in the morning and watch as it all magically disappears by 3 PM thanks to your ravenous coworkers.



"The End" Bookend

The End Bookend 

For the book lover near you, check out "The End" Bookend. This makes for an amusing gift for that coworker who seems to be constantly buried in books and folders.  Here's a great way to get them organized - just tell them to keep their little friend in mind before adding that new Grisham novel from home.



Wake Up! Coffee Mug

Wake Up! Coffee Mug


For most of us, the day doesn't officially start until we've had our morning coffee.  This clever Wake Up! Mug is a great reminder of that.  The mug is heat-sensitive and goes from sleepy to wide awake once you fill it with a hot beverage. 



Dry-Erase Desktop Wheelie Bin

Dry-Erase Desktop Wheelie Bin


Great for holding pens, pencils, and scissors, this Dry-Erase Desktop Wheelie Bin is endlessly customizable and will bring out the artist in anyone.  It's also a great way to get all of sticky notes off your desk as you can use it to write reminders and to-dos.



Picture Hangers - Sloths on a Vine

Sloths on a Vine


Slow your roll with these precious Sloths on a Vine Picture Hangers.  Six sloths and a 36 inch "vine" are included in the set so you can be surrounded by your favorite quirky animal within your cubicle jungle.  These also serve as a great reminder that when things get a bit too hectic in the office, it sometimes best to just slow down.



Maki Tacks Sushi Pushpins

Maki Tacks Sushi Pushpins


Sushi fans will surely love these Maki Tacks Sushi Pushpins.  Each fish egg serves as a pushpin to use around your cubicle and office.  50 are included in each set.  This is a really cool item that we're sure you haven't seen before and makes a great gift for those who have it all!



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