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Farewell & Retirement Gifts for Colleagues and Coworkers

We spend many of our waking hours throughout the week in our offices and cubicles.  Some weeks we may even see more of our colleagues and coworkers than we do our own families.  When one of your coworkers leaves for retirement or a better job, this can make for a bittersweet situation.  We comprised a list of fun and unique gift ideas for that departing colleague or boss, ensuring you say goodbye in a creative and memorable way!



"Mo Money Mo Problems" Coin Purse

 Mo Money Mo Problems Coin Purse

The "Mo Money Mo Problems" Coin Purse is a great small gift idea that's sure to get a laugh.  This definitely works for that coworker or boss who's leaving for that new high-paying job.  It's also great to keep around the office to store spare change for those mid-afternoon vending machine visits.



100 Reasons to Panic About Following Your Dreams


Saying farewell to a colleague who's leaving to start their own company? Take a look at 100 Reasons to Panic About Following Your Dreams. This pocket-sized book lists some concerns that your coworker has probably thought about many times.  More importantly, it provides reassurance that everything will work out in the end.  This is a gift that sends some positive vibes to that colleague who's going through a stressful but very exciting time.



Portable Cheerleader Personality Pad

Portable Cheerleader Personality Pad


The Portable Cheerleader Personality Pad is another goodbye gift that sends an upbeat message.  We all know that the period of time when starting a new job or career can be a stressful.  This notepad includes positive messages throughout reminding your colleague that "They Got This."


Consequential Dilemmas

Consequential Dilemmas


After leaving a job, there are usually a lot of new decisions to be made and challenges to tackle.  Consequential Dilemmas is a hilarious book that makes taking on the big decisions in life effortless and fun.  This is a gift that's sure to bring a smile to your soon-to-be ex-coworker.



World Scratch MapWorld Scratch Map

Perfect for coworkers who are retiring, this World Scratch Map is a great way for them to show off where they've traveled during all of that free time.  All they have to do is scratch off the countries they've visited.  If they haven't yet planned any trips, this is a gift that provides a fun way to encourage them to do so.



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