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Cubicle Accessories for Your Boss

It's not easy finding a gift for your boss. Whether it's meant to be a kind gesture for your boss's farewell/going away, a gift for boss's day or just a simple thank you, we've gathered a list of some great ideas - even for the boss that has everything.


Coffee Mug - Extra Shot

Shot Mug

Bosses have a lot of pressure on their shoulders.  How about getting them a gift to help them get through those rough days?  This Coffee Mug provides that extra shot needed to handle even the most demanding mornings.  If your boss is leaving this also serves as a great mug to help with those new job butterflies.


Rover The Doodles Dog

Rover Dog 

Rover makes a great companion and addition to your boss's desk.  It's a great conversation piece and can be adjusted in countless positions.  This is definitely something unique that we are sure your boss hasn't seen before.  Is your boss a cat person instead?  No problem.  Check out Whiskers The Doodles Cat.


World Scratch Map

Scratch Map

Does your boss love to travel?  If that's indeed the case, this World Scatch Map is a great gift for your boss's office.  All the countries that your boss has visited can be proudly displayed for everyone to see.


Inconsequential Dilemmas

 Inconsequential Dilemmas


Your boss deals with countless decisions on a daily basis.  Why not give a gift that makes their life a little easier.  This handy (and extremely funny) book will make decision-making an effortless task.  Just follow the flowcharts.


Best Boss. Ever. - Notebook

 Best Boss Ever Notebook

Simple but gets the message across.  This notebook will be a daily reminder to your boss that they're no Bill Lumbergh.  Thank God.


I'm Kind of a Big Deal - Nameplate


Big Deal 

Another bold statement for your boss's desk.  Make sure you let your boss knows who's boss with this nameplate, especially just before your company's promotion period.  We can't promise that this will get you a raise, but it surely wouldn't hurt.


Everything is Fine - Paper Pad


 Everything Is Fine Paper Pad 

Part of being a great boss is keeping your cool, even when things have really hit the fan.  This paper pad is a hilarious reminder of that fact.


For more cubicle accessories and decor ideas, check out the Cubicle Life Store!

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